Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

WYS is open to all current university students and recent graduates. 


How recent is recent?

Generally, membership is restricted from 18 to 30, with most players in their early to mid-twenties, but we happily hear auditions from qualified musicians who fall outside of that range. Beginning in the 2020-21 season, WYS hopes to roll out a High School Fellows program to give four exceptional juniors and seniors a chance to work alongside their college-aged peers.


What does it cost?

Unlike many talented amateur ensembles and youth orchestras, WYS is completely free to join. All we ask is that you purchase two tickets and sell them on to friends!


What are the performance expectations?

WYS aims to play at a pre-professional or conservatory caliber. Rehearsal schedules are short and intense, so strong sight-reading, and some advance preparation are key.


How do rehearsals work?

Rehearsals will usually occur over a single weekend. For most programs, there will be no more than four rehearsals and a sound-check on the day. Some programs will require less.


How do I get my music?

Parts will be mailed to your college or home address three weeks in advance of rehearsals. 


Are the social events through WYS?

Yes! We hope your time in WYS will help build friendships and musical partnerships across the city’s many universities, or with other recent graduates and young professionals.  

Photo [this and all subsequent] © Emma Oechsner, 2019